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Take advantage of our professional scrap metal recycling services. You can trust that we'll always provide you with a fair and honest transaction, we have offered our superior auto salvaging services to the Utica, NE area for over 50 years. You can rely on our certified commercial scales for your scrap metal needs.

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We make the process easy for you because we are fully-equipped with the state-of-the art tools we need to assist you. Our scales are the toughest in the area for weighing even the largest of your truck loads.

We BUY all types of scrap metal!

Our additional services:

Scales for truck loads

Bring us your scrap metal! We BUY farm machinery, refrigerators, washers, dryers, stoves, freezers, lawn mowers, tin, wire, used car and truck batteries, copper, stainless steel, bikes, hot water heaters, brass, christmas lights, and more. Please call with anyquestions about recyclable items or prices.

Recycle These Items Here !

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